Suicides for COWARDS . . .

“Suicide’s for cowards,” he said, and while drinking himself to death.” ”Mercedes Marxist”– IDLES There are a few, important reasons why I, personally, feel connected to this song lyric by the British punk band Idles. Reason #1: About five years ago, my mother committed suicide at the age of 51. Reason #2: My Dad believesContinue reading “Suicides for COWARDS . . .”

Codependency: A Self-Destructive Crime of Passion.

I’m done putting up a fight. I don’t want to have to keep explaining myself to fit the view of what you feel is acceptable. It’s exhausting. I just want to be myself. Codependency is a self-destructive crime of passion. No one can hurt you when you are constantly hurting yourself. Where’s the time? AndContinue reading “Codependency: A Self-Destructive Crime of Passion.”

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Dangerous Personalities.

Narcissists are often dangerous because they do not present as dangerous in the early stages. They come across as charming, personable, likable, smart, engaging and very interested in you. If you are dealing with a Pathological Narcissist (and especially those with cross-axis Psychopathic traits) there are several dangerous aspects to be mindful of. These willContinue reading “Dangerous Personalities.”

Pseudo Self-Worth

Self worth is an essential part of any human’s overall well-being.  So, why do so many of us out there struggle with loving ourselves in a way that is healthy? Why do many people in the world lack a healthy self-worth? Where does one begin to develop an unhealthy self-worth? What causes one to developContinue reading “Pseudo Self-Worth”


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