Trauma Survivors will appreciate this book

Trauma is not always very well understood by people who have not experienced much of it, by their account, anyway. I think it’s safe to say all of us have experienced some degree of trauma, be it from before an age we can remember, or it’s even possible we may be repressing it from our very own consciousness entirely.

The way in which trauma needs to be dealt with in order to heal in a healthy manner depends much on the support one has, or does not have, after the traumatic event.

Studies show that the more support one has after a traumatizing event can be the difference between healing and not healing, or recovering after the event.

Many survivors of trauma have no support from friends or family and even though their are resources in almost every community, going it alone can be discouraging and lonely. People often feel misunderstood, alone, worthless, even. The very people whoa re supposed o love and care, your family, they are not there. It can make one begin to believe that they are a burden on the lives of others and that they are not deserving of others affection or friendship.

Soon, this way of thinking can infiltrate your entire sense of self worth. That’s why if you grew u in a family where the parents active;y dismissed your feelings, you may struggle to clearly express your feelings at any given time.

When you do not express yourself and set boundaries and make clear defined lines for what you will and will not tolerate, it leads you into a cycle of further trauma, abuse and pain. You lose yourself, you lose your soul.

If this sounds like you, please read on. Maybe you will find answers and hope in this book I am recommending today. It truly opened my eyes to so many things and I believe it would be a good idea for anyone to take a look at.

This book is one of the best on the subjects of Trauma, Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Abuse, Childhood Upbringing, Understanding your personality (the Fight, Flight, Fawn or Freeze Types), or a mix of them, plus a whole new explanation of the human personality, and how it grows and learns, within an abusive or otherwise traumatizing environment:



Interesting fact: C-Ptsd, or Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is not currently recognized by the DSM-5. (Diagnostic Statistical Manual: Revised, 2013)

If you are a person who has made it through any amount of time under the dangerous wrath of a Covet Narcissist, Sociopath, or other controlling and severely abusive type personalities, then you know all too well that the DSM is not the only source of information to rely on that is out there.

In other words, though these personality types and terms have been left out of the most recent release of the DSM, survivors of this kind of torture, betrayal and destruction know – not because they choose to, but because of the horrifying memories of abuse they were subjected to that continue to weigh in on their every day lives, without mercy.

Here’s a YouTuber who talks about Narcissism, Antisocial Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, and much, much more! I have learned SO much from him, and I honestly believe that, if you are feeling confused, helpless, addicted to someone who hurts you and want to break free but are unsure how, and are craving some much needed clarity, it would be HUGE mistake for you to pass this up-Please Check Out Richard Grannon, or Spartan Life Coach on his Youtube Channel HERE!

Assuming the Worst and Sabotaging my own Relationships


The core of my fear is a lack of trust.

Not only a lack of trust, but a distrust.

A distrust is present, but is not based on facts, only distant fear.

How, then, can it feel so near?

Even though it has yet to show its evil face around here.

No chances to win, not even to lose.

I lose before they can even try to play,

because I know that time spent with me, only ends in dismay.

I determine my destiny by assuming the worst.

I find fault and enough reasons to doubt.

Enough reasons to leave it behind.

I tell myself I am doing this for my protection.

In the end of it all – I have nothing to protect myself from.

Damned if you do me.

Damned if you don’t.

Why, then, even try?

Why feel excited when you meet new friends?

If the way it plays out will always be anticipated as bad,

If I quit before I try,

If I pull back before I try,

Then I will never have to sit down, wipe my tears, or say good-byes.

You can write your own path, and then live it,

without doubt, without fear.

So, why do I set myself up for it when the outcome is not yet clear.

These things are precious, and precious things take time.

The effort I am not willing to invest,

after all, time spent with me is always a mess.

But every single one of life’s journey’s holds a little surprise inside…

Why not just let go, take the punches on slow, sit back and enjoy the ride?

time and time again, my friend

why don’t you smile, stop worrying, just pretend.

Written by: Katrina James on May 9, 2018 at 6:21 m. Registered, Protected & Monitored by © 2018